A very Accomplished Bunch

We number fifteen people across three offices and two continents, with producers, production co-ordinators, accommodation specialists, location managers, marketing gurus and business development whizz kids. There’s masses of talent here with years of experience to call upon. And we’ve got even more enthusiasm.




We Think Differently

We’re proud to be part of putting our country and, more importantly, our client’s brands on a global map. We do it by thinking differently, working bloody hard and enjoying every second. Whatever we do, we pay fair rates (our APA and Living Wage memberships ensure it) and consider the local economy. As the first Scottish company to join AdGreen, we’re already working on being as sustainable and low impact on the environment as possible. Hey, it’s a beautiful place; and we’d quite like it to stay that way. 

"A great service company with fantastic knowledge, great resources and an amazing team."

Alex Fielding, Producer


"Our team is a family and we work incredibly hard to deliver every aspect."

Marie Owen, CEO

LS Productions

The Team

Marie Owen


Marie founded LS Productions (then Location Scotland) in 2006. As CEO, Marie sees her role as one of maximising talent and results. “I describe myself as a conductor of a world-class orchestra,” she says. “It’s my job to set the tone and culture of the business… I aim to be ambitious, realistic and honest and keep my focus on the bigger picture.” Out-with of LS, Marie is guaranteed to love anything with flamingos, skulls (a la Alexander McQueen) and has a shoe collection to rival SJP’s. At the weekend, you’ll find her on the coast at Pease Bay, glass of wine in hand, setting the world to rights.

Stuart Gibson

Company Director

Stuart joined LS back in 2011, bringing his decades worth of experience in business and finance, and a different viewpoint, to the company still in its relatively young years. Now our Company Director (as well as for a few other interesting companies - he's a multi-talented man!), Stuart works closely with Marie to develop the company’s short and long term business plans, each year inching the goal posts that little bit closer to world domination. Stuart spends his weekends with his wife Judy, on the golf course, visiting his kids, drinking gin or working on his famous tan. Not necessarily in that order!

Sarah Drummond

Executive Producer

Our BAFTA winning Executive Producer, Sarah, is a force of nature. Since joining LS in late 2013 – and founding our motion department in early 2014 – she has thrown her 20+ years of industry experience into making us the big-budget friendly, TV commercial producing juggernaut that we are today. With her pixie crop, love of a chunky heel, and mad budgeting skills, she’s a whirlwind of Vivienne Westwood clad production knowledge around our Edinburgh HQ. At the weekends, you’ll find her eating sushi at Kampai, photo-boothing at The Street and juggling her two kids (not physically, we should add).

Wendy Isaac

Head of Happiness

With a long background in commercials, Wendy has been with LS since 2014 – first as a Sr. Producer on jobs with clients like Peugeot, Johnnie Walker, Mathematic, Stink Paris and CZAR, and now as our self-titled Head of Happiness. In this role, Wendy has a handle on all HR and Ops, IT, production and the LS staff, ensuring we all do our best (and don’t bunk off on über sunny days). With her ever-changing hair colour, large collection of Doc Martens, impressive vocal chords and magpie ways (really, anything sparkly), Wendy is our resident song bird. Just don’t let her see a raw onion…

Michelle Methven

Senior Producer

As our Senior Producer, Michelle works predominantly in stills, having produced editorials and campaigns for Stella McCartney, Barbour, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Boden and Cyrillus, as well as a broad range of stills advertising. With her twenty-year career in photography and production (and her 10+ years at LS), Michelle’s knowledge of shooting in Scotland is incredibly impressive, if not unparalleled. She knows our location database like the back of her hand! At the weekend, you’ll find her flying her kite at Portobello beach, tending to her allotment (kale, wonderful kale) and doing fun city activities with her resident German.

Jennifer Barrie

Production Manager

In the years that Jennifer has been with the company, she has worked her production know-how on shoots with CZAR, Martin Garrix, Park Pictures, Florence + the Machine, Somesuch and 02. Having worked in the industry since she was 16, Jen is a wonderfully positive and dynamic influence on every shoot. Her work in short film has been nominated for several BAFTA New Talent Awards (winning one). She spends her weekends watching the newest releases, dining at Edinburgh’s finest brunch spots, and shaking her newly-trained dance moves at Garibaldis. Oh, and learning to ski (did someone say 2020 Olympics?).

Emma Hamilton

Production Manager

Emma has been making films since she was a wee mite with her dad’s camcorder, rounding up the local kids and her neighbours to make short films. From a young age, she has clearly loved bringing creative people together! Her passion took her to university, where she studied a BA (Hons) in Film & Media. Approaching everything with a positive, hard-working attitude and a big smile, Emma makes a great addition to the team. Just don’t be alarmed if you find her bin diving on set – it’s always with recycling in mind! At the weekends, you’ll find her in full active beast-mode, whether it’s doing cycling, yoga, ballet or at a circus class.

Amy Morement

Location Manager

As our Location Manager and resident Londoner, Amy spends her days planning and managing the location requirements of all our shoots, be it from the office or on set. Location packages for clients, recces, meeting location owners and architects and – in between all that – looking after our vast location library; it’s a tough job, but she does it with aplomb (and looks stylish whilst she’s at it. We mean, great hair.) A keen explorer and photographer, her weekends are spent coastal road-tripping, ransacking Edinburgh’s vintage and charity shops, brunch clubbing with Jen and practising her best Scottish accent.

Melissa Wyllie

Location Assistant

After an apprenticeship at the BBC, Melissa began her LS career in production before realising that her dreams lay in the location department (that or Amy lured her in with biscuits, we’re still unclear). Now the right-hand locations gal for all our shoots, Melissa provides valuable support both in the office and on set, and is a key member of the team. Her happy-go-lucky personality, funny stories and love of a good Thursday night pamper session keep the team entertained, earning her the affectionate moniker “Moo”. At weekends, you’ll find her roaming the farm in Dumfries with a great tan and drinking cocktails with her pals.

Meriel Bunney-Gillies

Creative Development

Having discovered LS through her love of our work with Pringle of Scotland, Meriel initially joined the company as a freelance consultant. Since 2013 she has headed up Creative and Business Development for the company, travelling around the globe for client meetings, tradeshows and events. Her keen eye for photographers, directors, campaigns and trends, make her a fountain of industry knowledge and a damn great brand ambassador. With her warm smile and fab lipstick collection, Meriel is the first you’ll meet at any party. Now based out of our London office, she spends her weekends drinking tequila cocktails, at galleries or striding through the Heath.

Katy Hutcheson

Marketing & Communications Manager

With a background in creative business both in the UK and abroad, Katy has been with LS Productions since 2012. In that time, she has seen the company through two successful re-brandings, re-envisioning our aesthetic and global message and selling Scotland and the UK as a top shoot destination. Her clear instincts with style, colour and interiors make her a natural brand guru and #fashioninspo for all she works with. At the weekend, you’ll find her whizzing around town on her bike, in Downward Dog (at yoga), planning her next exotic adventure, or cooking at home with the log fire on, G&T in hand.

Laura Macpherson

Office Assistant

With years of experience in retail merchandising, Laura is LS’ most meticulous organiser and general right hand lady to, well, everyone. A god send to the LS office, Laura ensures everything from the fridge to the stationery cupboard to the production kit room is well stocked and in mint condition. At the weekends, she can be found cooking up a storm in her kitchen, walking around Edinburgh with a camera in hand or spotted in a craft beer pub or gin bar sampling the latest on offer. And if you don’t find her there then it’s most likely that she and her partner, Doug, will be planning their next adventure in Scotland or further afield.

Vickie Henry

Marketing Assistant

Vickie has a background in PR, managing the reputation of a wide range of international and creative businesses. She joined LS in 2017 and is the one who shares all those dreamy location pics on our Instagram. With a passion for travel, Vickie is a self-confessed ‘holiday hoarder’, making sure to spend her time off wisely. Saturday’s are usually spent sweating it out at the gym before undoing all of her hard work over a boozy lunch with friends or her boyfriend. She is a big fan of a Sunday morning walk (East Lothian’s beaches are a favourite), a lazy Sunday afternoon with a Netflix boxset and a good old Sunday roast. Bliss!

Gail Skinner

Financial Director

With over 20years experience of finance in advertising, PR and creative agencies – and her own financial and operational consultancy, Purple Sapphire Ltd – Gail is full of knowledge from a broad range of different interesting sectors. An advocator of female entrepreneurship and women in business – and a fellow sparkle and fairy lights fiend – Gail found a home in the LS team in February 2017. When not financial directing, she spends her time volunteering with two different charities, keeping fit with anything yoga or dance and planning holidays anywhere there’s guaranteed sun (Bali is a favourite).

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