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Adidas x Zalando | Tony Petersen Film | Sergi Castellà


Promoting Adidas' Supercourt collection, this new campaign for online fashion giant Zalando celebrates the power of personal style and creative expression.

Shot on 16mm film and Alexa Mini with the use of a techno crane, 'My Supercourt My Story' was directed by Sergi Castellà and produced by Tony Petersen Film, starring the talented Iranian-Dutch singer-songwriter Sevdaliza and shot in unique London locations.

“We know we can count on LS Productions for the location knowledge to achieve the authenticity the director desired.”

Börge Heesemann

Executive Producer, Tony Petersen Film


The idea behind this campaign is a sneak peak into Sevdaliza's artistic process, from seeking inspiration on the streets, to making music in a recording studio, to dancing with friends on rooftops and at parties.

We scouted various locations around London, before settling on a brutalist housing estate and various setups within an old university campus.


We helped create various conceptual sets to add depth to the story, including transforming old classrooms into piano studios and college atriums into Abbey Road-style recording hubs.

A futuristic reflective room was also crafted for Sevdaliza's surreal solo scenes, and a house party look was created for Adidas Supercourts to jump around in.

“We supported the talent and visiting team, utilising our knowledge and expertise to align the creative with logistical support.”

Ellen De Faux

Senior Producer, LS Productions


The director wanted this campaign to have an authentic behind the scenes feel, so it was important to be packed with authentic personalities.

Using our connections with London casting agencies and our wide-reaching social media networks, we cast a dancer, a music producer, a studio technician, a cellist and several partygoers to help tell the story.

Creative Collaboration

We were able to achieve the creative brief though our unrivalled access to in-demand locations and close relationships with location owners, industry bodies and local councils - a testament to our talented in-house locations team.

This shoot was all about making it as easy as possible for the production and creative teams to work quickly and efficiently, and ensuring the talent had a memorable experience.

We Organised














Talent: Sevdaliza

Director: Sergi Castellà

Photographer: Brett Lloyd

BTS Photographer: Marlen Stahlhuth

Production Company: Tony Petersen Film

Executive Producer: Börge Heesemann, Volker Steinmetz

Production Service Company: LS Productions

Senior Producer: Ellen De Faux

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