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Produced alongside German motion production company Bee Film, 'Welcome to Life' is a promo for the new Porsche 718 Boxster T and 718 Cayman T.

The film follows a couple driving their respective Boxster and Cayman models around winding country roads to get off the grid and escape from the high-tech, high-stress daily grind of modern life. Shot across four different locations within the breathtaking Isle of Skye, this film highlights the raw beauty that Scotland can deliver for the ultimate showcase of driving footage for car fanatics and outdoors enthusiasts alike.

Read on to find out how we manoeuvred rainstorms and managed local logistics to help Porsche bring their new models to life.


Our client wanted a wild, remote and rugged feel to communicate the contrast against busy city life. The landscape of Skye is one of a kind; with prehistoric crags, dramatic glens, and most importantly, wide stretching uninterrupted roads with hairpin bends, unique bridges and lochside views.


We were looking for a mix of single and two-lane roads where we could have a minimum of 2km of uninterrupted controllable road. We scouted all over England, Scotland and Wales before settling on the Isle of Skye, where we could provide the road requirements as well as the complex logistical arrangements and beautiful aesthetics that would backdrop the cars.


The logistics of shooting with a large crew in a popular tourist destination - particularly for a high-profile client with highly anticipated new products - can prove challenging for some, but with our close connections to local councils, film offices, community groups, police, landowners and residents, we were able to manage traffic and security without a hitch, allowing for a seamless experience for our client.

“We knew we could make it work from a location perspective, even during such a busy time on the island. Communication is key when working in small communities.”

Amy Morement

Location Manager, LS Productions


We used our extensive contacts with land-owners and council bodies to gain access to as many roads as possible in advance of the Director and DOP's arrival on the island so they had plenty of options during the shoot day. We were able to use Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders to stop and hold vehicles on all the roads required for the two cars during the shoot as well as two 7.5 tonne trucks for transporting them.


With security of paramount importance and schedules tight, we deployed a team of scouts across the whole route throughout the recce and shoot days. Regular radio communication across the long, winding stretches of road and surrounding mountains ensured that the public weren't able to spot the brand new models ahead of their release.

“Because we were shooting in a remote location that was popular with tourists, we needed logistical experts that knew the area like the back of their hands. The LS team really maximised our shoot time on the island.”

Tonio Kellner

Producer, Bee Film


Even with the extensive pre-production and scouting process, there is always one thing we can't control - the weather. Heavy rainstorms hit during the shoot, despite some beautifully sunny recce days, which required creative thinking and on-the-spot problem solving.


Working closely with our 1st AD, location manager and producers, alongside plenty of camera de-fogging and met office calculations, we put a solid plan in place to ensure we had breaks or unit moves when the weather was at its harshest, and made sure that the stormy conditions could secure some cool, dramatic shots too.

“Having a great team that work well together goes a long way when the schedule is tight and conditions are challenging. We pulled it out of the bag in true LS fashion, and didn’t let the weather rain on our parade!”

Abi Atkinson

Senior Producer, LS Productions

We Organised














Client: Porsche

Director: Bernd Seiboldt

Producer: Tonio Kellner

DOP: Mirko Demschik

Aeriel Filming: Fleye

Production Company: Bee Film

Production Service Company: LS Productions

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