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Northern England's cultural hub, this thriving city is home to our English production office and boasts film-friendly locations to rival any major European hotspot. 

Here are 5 reasons to use Manchester as your next filming location in the UK.


A wide array of architectural styles makes Manchester's filming locations a delightful pick 'n' mix to fit any desired aesthetic. Modern, Georgian, Roman and Gothic - this city has it all.

A product of the Industrial Revolution, Manchester is known for its original and contemporary approach to architecture in the city centre, also offering authentic urban and suburban residential locations, with plenty of industrial and derelict spots to boot.


With its clean, structured grid system and its red brick buildings and cobbled streets in the iconic Northern Quarter, filming in Manchester offers up central locations that can double as London and even New York.

This can help to fit smaller budgets for accommodation and location fees, and shorter timescales for location permissions and other key shoot logistics.


Manchester and its eastern neighbour, Liverpool, have a few of the most famous and supported football clubs, not only in the UK but in the world. With that comes world-class sports talent living in the city - which our team are more than familiar with looking after.

Plus, as a football mecca, Manchester offers up dozens of stadiums, fields, clubs and more - offering up excellent film-friendly locations.

Here's a snippet from one of our favourite footballer campaigns that used our commercial production services in Manchester: Emre Can for H&M with Strange Cargo. Shot at this particular English film location because, at the time, Can was playing for Liverpool FC.


With a rich history of rock n' roll, including 80's iconoclasts like The Smiths, New Order, Joy Division and The Stone Roses, Manchester later gave birth to the inimitable Oasis-led Britpop movement.

The city continues to defy genre for music, fashion and art, making it the ideal cultural hub for production in the UK of a trendsetting campaign.


A vibrant and diverse city with plenty of personality, Manchester is home to a proudly multicultural community; a perfect pool for casting.

Last year, we worked with director Abby Fuller to follow the journey of Chef May, a celebrated Thai cook in the heart of Manchester, for Youtube Spotlight.

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