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7 Reasons Why Filming in the UK Rocks

7 Reasons Why Filming in the UK Rocks
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As the UK's largest production service company our team pride themselves in providing an outstanding production experience on each shoot.

Film and TV production in the UK has come off a record-breaking year of spend. Projects have been shot across the country, and UK-based creative, celebrity and sports stars seem to be everywhere on the global stage.

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all stand ready and waiting for your photo, film or TV production brief. Here's why...


The geography, architecture and infrastructure across the UK is astoundingly diverse.

From period locations to New York street location doubles, medieval castles to dramatic coasts, historic railways to exclusive airports, the UK does it all (across a relatively small island - so limited travel!).

It's no wonder recent feature films 1917, F9, Eurovision, Avengers: Endgame, and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker were all productions made in the UK.

Not to mention the UK's influential hold on cult cinema and TV - the likes of Harry Potter, James Bond, Game of Thrones, and Peaky Blinders.

As an American production company, having a knowledgeable support team on the ground in our location was invaluable.

John Launchi Producer, NBC Universal


Need top models, singers, Premier League footballers and major film stars? The UK's got them in abundance.

The UK's sports draw extends far beyond the icons of the Premier League to golf, cricket, cycling, sailing, tennis... we even came up with underwater hockey.

But while, we're on it, having a production service hub in Manchester (a hop, skip and a jump from Liverpool) makes working with the tight schedules of Premier Leaguers - and their managers! - all the easier.


The UK is proud of its multicultural heritage. This, in turn, makes for authentic casting, whatever the brief may be.

Street casting for a warehouse party, organising a scene with an infant, or finding your perfect protagonist - you're spoilt for choice.


There's also been a major film and TV industry push to support the development of high caliber crew members and kit suppliers. With such diversity of production work coming to the UK, crew members gain a variety of key experience on shoots, and have access to opportunities for continued development (our Runners Masterclass and the APA's Masterclass to name a couple!).

On top of all that, suppliers bring to each shoot the best technology the industry has to offer - Russian Arms, Low Loaders, Tracking Vehicles...

For the first Harry Styles music promo that we were the production service on, we called up the UK's safety dream team - GB Helicopters and stunt-safety expert, David Pearce – who we trusted, having worked with them on prior TV projects. They skilfully secured the celebrity on a harness outside a flying helicopter on the Isle of Skye, while another helicopter captured it all...


The UK has an abundance of purpose built and adapted studio spaces across the regions and nations.

Its world class studio space has attracted the industry's biggest players. Disney has entered into a long-term deal at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, Netflix utilises a 14-stage production hub at Shepperton Studios, and Warner Bros. has got 350K sq ft of sound stages in Leavesden.

With such a demand for studio space, new high-capacity facilities are on the rise. Major investment is being spent outside of London on these spaces. Leeds Studios is a large-scale complex due to open in May 2020 and a £150m investment in Hollywood-style film studios in Reading was announced in February.


With iconic brands and locations that call the UK their home, there's a lot of advantages to basing a production here.

Take Scottish malt whisky...

Not just a fun item to grab on your way home in duty free, the whisky industry in Scotland is a major one on the world stage (reaching £4.7 billion in exports in 2018).

There is no replicating the country where it all happens - Scotland. And the whisky regions of Speyside, Islay, the Highlands, Islands, the Lowlands and Campbeltown all bring to the trade their location's unique flavour and surroundings.

With new whisky experiences and distilleries popping up alongside the ones that have been operating for centuries, there is a vast array of narratives to choose from...


Yes, we went there! Last, but not least...

Due to the lack of extremes in the UK's climate, you can film year round on location - all over the place - with an incredible quality of light.

In the summertime up North, light comes up at 3am and sets around 11pm - plenty of 'golden hour' shots.

Elle France, photographed by Blair Getz Mezibov

The entire team at LS is first rate. During the UK portion of our shoot they provided all the support and expertise we could have hoped for.

Gregory Jacobs Producer, The Laundromat (Netflix) & Let Them All Talk (HBO)