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Christmas might be a ways away, but we already have it on the brain.

Here's our "Top 5 pick" of inspirational and practical Christmas commercial friendly locations in Scotland (isn't that a festive mouthful).

1. NHR - Incredible Roads

NHR is a spectacular route in Scotland. Beginning and ending in Inverness (less than 30 minutes from the airport), NHR offers in-land and coastal roads for car commercials. There are epic backdrops with many areas of road wide enough for use of low loaders and Russian arms, and the odd castle on the way.

Our excellent contacts with local police and traffic management companies make this all in a day’s work for our location and production teams. Happily, they also make for a great double of Scandinavian-style roads.

2. Glen House - A Scottish Estate

This LS Productions Exclusive Location is a beautiful highland double within 1 hour of Edinburgh (and 1hour 45 from Glasgow), with 5000 acres of woodland, heather, pastures, lochs and rivers.

Glen House’s owners are extremely film friendly and accommodating. The house’s grand yet homely interiors are perfect for Christmas banquet, gathering or party location briefs, and there’s ample space onsite to accommodate large units.

3. AYEBEICH - A Scottish Island Community

With the feel of a remote island in the Outer Hebrides, this island is surprisingly accessible, sitting at roughly 2.5 hours from Glasgow Airport. Having produced large shoots here in the past, we have great contacts in the local, film friendly community and tried and tested accommodation options. Local slate ensures that the landscape is not too green, so winter campaigns are easily achieved here all year round and it’s a strong Icelandic double.

4. GLA - City Streets

GLA is a good double for Greater London or an American city centre (having already been shot as New York and Philadelphia). Its fresh and shoot friendly streets provide the perfect backdrop for Christmas shopping scenes, as well as a multitude of bars, cafes, shops, offices and hotels.

Being central, there’s excellent local crew and infrastructure to support your shoot. Its film friendly local council ensure road closures and stop and holds are as simple as possible. Another great plus? Travel for 1 hour and you have access to stunning landscapes, coastline, woodland and roads.

5. SGS – A Family Home in Edinburgh

This shoot friendly family home is situated in the centre of Scotland's capital. With its blend of modern and traditional architecture, SGS has a spacious kitchen and living area and a stylish, relaxed feel. The owners are amenable and accommodating.

In our mind, this home is an ideal blank canvas in which to recreate a family Christmas.

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