An LS Productions Antidote to Cabin Fever | LS Productions

This month - inspired by the seriously fab coffee table book/website 'Cabin Porn' - we're delving deep into the LS Productions location library to show you some of our favourite cabins. All on our books, and all in Scotland.

Take a look (and be prepared for the overwhelming need to then go and buy a cabin in the woods)... You've been warned.


There are some boathouses in here, too. We just couldn't resist...

For example, Glen House's striking green boathouse (as shown below).

Rustic. Renovated. Unusual. Lake-side.

Beach-side. Deep in the forest. Panelled.

Corrugated. Colourful. Contemporary.


These are just a few of the wide variety of cabins that you can find in Scotland. Each provides a different, sometimes other-worldly and very special shoot backdrop.

Spotted a particular one that would be perfect for your shoot? Get in touch with our brilliant Locations team at to see how we can help.

Please also have a good ol'gander at the cabins and boathouses sections of our website.

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