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We are celebrating the first year of LS in England, at our dedicated Manchester office and taking a look at our Senior Producer Abi Atkinson's recent shoots.

So why Manchester? With nearly ten years under our belt in our Edinburgh HQ, outposts in London and Bangkok, and partners in New York, there was still an opportunity in England. Manchester was the ideal choice for our second hub. The (un)official home of European football, the UK’s third largest city is an epicentre for sports campaigns, creating an unmissable draw for big brands and talent alike.

We've produced several shoots from our new English hub in Manchester as well as producing in Carlisle, Liverpool, London, Durham, and Staithes, and we have close connections to all the major cities and talented teams across the country.

Here, we speak to Abi about the various production challenges she came up against and solved during multiple shoots throughout the year.

Y O U T U B E | C H E F M A Y

Our most recently released work from the team is ‘Chef May: Rediscovering the taste of home’, a mini documentary film produced in conjunction with LA based NonFiction Unlimited and Google as part of a Youtube ‘watch and learn’ series. The project was created by an incredibly strong female creative team behind, including Director Abigail Fuller, DOP Chloe Weaver (the talents behind Netflix’s Chef’s Table) and a hugely talented backstage crew who made the shoots go smoothly with quick turnarounds and results that really impressed the client.

P R O B L E M . S O L V I N G

"Acting as a conduit between the clients in America and Chef May in England was one of the challenges of the shoot alongside making sure Chef May felt comfortable with the whole filming process and what was expected of her. We wanted to get a sense of who she is and what she does, what her background was and how we could tell the best story. It can be very intimidating to be interviewed in front of people you don’t know and be surrounded by a film crew for a week, so we wanted to make sure she was happy and comfortable with what was being asked of her, in order to elicit the best results on screen."

C A F E . R O Y A L | R O B B I E . W I L L I A M S

Abi and her team have also recently produced a stills and motion campaign featuring Robbie Williams for Cafe Royal in London.

P R O B L E M . S O L V I N G

"This shoot was a combination of studio and location; we shot plate shots on a rooftop in central London and the rest in a studio. Working closely with a visual effects supervisor and DOP we then had to determine how best to match this in the studio in terms of lighting, camera moves and set build. Working with a large set build we had to ensure it would match perfectly and that we got the results we needed for post production in the short space of time that we had to shoot with Robbie."

E A . G A M E S | F I F A . 1 9

Abi has also been working on a brilliant stills and motion shoot with EA (Electronic Arts), marking the launch of the highly-anticipated FIFA 19 launch, starring footballers Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Kevin De Bruyne and Paulo Dybala showcasing their skills and signature on-field celebration poses in their team kits and the FIFA Ultimate Team Kit for 2019.

P R O B L E M . S O L V I N G

“Athletes have demanding and strict schedules meaning the time they have on-set is often quite short. So it’s crucial to have a highly-skilled team and to be prepared. We arranged body doubles of the footballers to do the pre-light run-throughs before the talent arrived, allowing us to be most efficient on the day. We also had the athlete’s trainers and coaches on-set to ensure they were comfortable to perform, and, of course, their preferred music to create a brilliant atmosphere.”

To top off our year we have worked on an epic car shoot which will soon be on air, so keep your eyes peeled! The last 12 months have been non-stop and hugely varied; just how we like it.

W H A T ' S . I N . S T O R E

Looking forward, Abi has some huge ambitions for the Manchester outpost, growing our UK-wide team. Having lived and worked in many cities around England in the past Abi is keen to continue to grow her little black book of crew and suppliers across the country as our LS locations library grows also. With access to a wide range of talented people and resources at your fingertips means we are able to turn jobs around quickly and to high LS standards no matter where the shoot is! After all, it takes a village to achieve every aspect of a shoot, and we always have every aspect accomplished.

Want to find out more about Abi and her adventures in Manchester with LS Productions? Delve into her background in production in our story, or check out this interview with Abi for an insight into working with footballers.

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