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Expedia Local Lens: A brothers’ guide to Scotland with Colin and Ewan McGregor

Expedia Local Lens: A brothers’ guide to Scotland with Colin and Ewan McGregor
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Expedia with Colin & Ewan McGregor: A brothers’ guide to Scotland’ is the latest release in Expedia’s Local Lens series, directed by Stuart McIntyre for Somesuch. 

The 10 minute film captures an intimate travel guide to Scotland, reuniting brothers Ewan and Colin McGregor as they venture across their homeland to enjoy the road trip they had always dreamed of - to see the northern lights and revisit the epic landscapes of their childhood.

As Scotland's leading production service and locations partner, LS Productions were selected for their intimate Scottish production and location knowledge to help deliver the two day shoot which took place earlier this year.

Working in close partnership with production company Somesuch, LS delivered all elements of production service, providing expert guidance on activities, locations and venues based on the time of year. LS also utilised their extensive network of crew, access to equipment and in-depth logistical knowledge to execute this project in Scotland.


The LS location team also leveraged their expertise and the extensive LS location library (the largest in the UK) to find the perfect settings to really capture the drama of Scotland, the mood of nostalgia and the vibrancy of Scotland as a leading tourist location.


The result is a beautiful and funny portrait of two brothers, showcasing the very best of Scotland as a place for relax and embracing the wild, breathtaking nature of the landscape while also showing how their Scottish roots are still firmly intact.