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From Kitchen Table to Top Table

From Kitchen Table to Top Table
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We’re delighted to announce that after an incredible 18 months, LS Productions have made it onto the list for the Sunday Times 100 Fastest Growing Companies 2023 at number 88.

The Sunday Times Hundred List is a celebration of the entrepreneurial achievements of the UK’s fastest-growing private companies and this result comes as recognition for LS after an 18 month period of expansion, investment and diversification. Primarily this has been driven by a commitment to creating original content in the form of LS Films, expanding our global film & TV service offering and investing in our specialist production streams of commercial, fashion, music and sport.

We also wanted to mention that whilst this is a fantastic result for LS, it also feels especially poignant for us based on the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into building the business back up post Covid, coupled with the measures we’ve taken to weather the storm of what is an incredibly tough time for our industry right now. We’re so proud to represent the creative industries on this list and in particular the UK production service and will be using the platform this news gives us to draw attention to all the incredible work that goes on in this industry every day.

Finally we’d like to take this opportunity to say an ENORMOUS thank you to our wonderful team (past and present), our freelance family, clients and everyone who has contributed to make LS Productions the pioneering, free-spirited, creatively curious, people focused ‘shi*t hot’ business it is today and a place where people genuinely love coming to work every morning.

It’s fair to say LS Productions have come a long way since Marie Owen started the business round her kitchen table back in 2006 and if you’d told her back then that she’d be the CEO of a global media production company she would have probably laughed in your face and said ‘are you bl*ody joking.’