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We are bringing back our storied Instagrammer of the Month blog series, and kicking off with a bang by profiling the curator of one of our favourite feeds, @properadventure.

From winter climbs in the unforgiving Scottish mountains and wild swimming in The Highlands, to staking out leopards in Sri Lanka and chasing Auroras in Lapland, Paul Brett documents ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Here, we catch up with Paul about his inspirations and aspirations for this exciting new adventure.

Tell us who you are.

Paul Brett, Founder and Production Editor of Proper Adventure, The Journal.

What gets you up every morning?

Driving Proper Adventure forward is a huge task, literally takes up every hour of the day, so being up and on it really helps. Maximum productivity in a day, time management has become very important! And tea, Yorkshire Tea and Biscuit blend the weapon of choice just now.

Where do you seek inspiration for new ideas?

I find a lot of inspiration and inspiring people on Instagram. People from all over the globe doing their thing, can give lots of ideas. For example I found Angela Van Weemersch through Instagram and she’s totally amazing, her whole story is pretty cool, ice climbing all over the world having never really been a climber, just decided I’m going to do this and now she’s right up there with the best. You want to do something then do it!

Why is the UK a good destination for shooting content?

The variety of locations and so easily reachable. You can be (from Edinburgh) on Skye in 4hrs, Glencoe in 2hrs and the Lake District in 3hrs. We may not have the massive mountains of mainland Europe but the variety of locations that you can hit in the same day is a big bonus for photographers.

Where is your favourite place to work in the UK and why?

Glencoe is the obvious choice. The light is different every time I visit and so many amazing locations. I’ve had some incredible wild camping experiences this summer and climbed all the munros numerous times and in all conditions, it’s a photographers dream.

What’s been your most memorable adventure?

There’s been so many but the adventure of starting and building Proper Adveture is high on the list. One of my best mountain days was a roped winter climb on Curved Ridge, Buachaille Etive Mòr (my favourite mountain) Hair raising exposure all the way with only the skill of the lead climber, our ice axes and crampons holding us to the mountain.

What gives you the greatest joy from your work?

Receiving the final product for the first time, the nervous anticipation of opening a box straight from the printers. Months of work ready to hit the market. On a personal note one thing that sticks in my mind that was pretty special was the joy on the face of one of our Issue One contributors Jane Hunter, when she seen her article for the first time. She cried with joy (I hope) it means a lot to us to deliver people’s work in The Journal and to see them happy with the results is great.

Where in the world do you long to visit?

Norway, Canada, PNW, Patagonia and would love to go back to Cape Town someday, amazing city.

When you travel with work, what do you miss about home?

My daughter Martha. And my bed, sleeping on bothy floors and in sleeping bags gets a bit testing at times and cold!

If you could have any dinner party guest, who would it be?

I totally love history and conspiracy theories, I always enjoy pouring over different versions of events. So it would have to be John F Kennedy. The world would be a different place if ‘whoever’ shot him had missed…

What was the best piece of advice anyone has given to you.

Some of the best advice was to ‘never take things personally’ However being so emotionally involved with The Journal and building it from nothing, it can be hard to stick to that, I wear my heart on my sleeve at times.

What are your top three favourite Instagram feeds?

@georgetheexplorer George is an amazing photographer and his wildlife photography is something to behold. A wonderful account and such an nice guy. We were honoured to have him in our previous release.

@catwebster Cat is the Ordnance Survey, Get Outside Champion , Mountain Leader and Scotland lover. Cat gets all over the county usually on some ridge or summit and her photography is amazing.

@watson_the_adventure_dog Watson is one of our #ambassadogs here at Proper Adventure and is always out and about adventuring with his lovely humans. His tripod posing photography shots are a joy.

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