Jürgen Klopp for Warsteiner - Behind the Scenes | LS Productions

Last month we took Liverpool football manager Jürgen Klopp to a bar in Liverpool. The beer we drank was non-alcoholic; the experience shot for Warsteiner's newest commercial. Here are some behind the scenes.

The ad - which is in German as produced for the German market - follows Jürgen and a group of friends as they drink beer in a local bar. A friend, drinking tea, comes in, sees the group and acts in disbelief that Jürgen is drinking alcohol when he'll soon be needed back at Liverpool FC training.

Jürgen laughs, has a joke with his friends and continues to drink. The kicker (- pun intended!)? The beer is Warsteiner's newest strain, and is alcohol-free. Jürgen was announced as the brand ambassador for this new range back in January.

The shoot was a pleasure. We shot for one full day in the bar, with Jürgen and visiting teams from Czar Film and Warsteiner. We also went to a football match when down there - Liverpool v Man City - which was fab for both the crew and clients (particularly our producer Michelle - a big football fan).

For our first shoot in Liverpool we couldn't have hoped for better. Can't wait to get back there soon...

Take a look at the ad below.


Brand: Warsteiner Beer - Alcohol-Free
Client: Czar Film
Director: Simon Verhoeven
Agency: Grey Düsseldorf
Talent: Jürgen Klopp
Service Production and Locations: LS Productions


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