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Liverpool: 5 Film-Friendly Location Insights

Liverpool: 5 Film-Friendly Location Insights
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This port city in the North West of England is steeped in history and unique architecture. Here are 5 insights into Liverpool as the location for your next film project.

INSIGHT ONE: Architecture for every aesthetic

The Merseyside area is a great hub for film and commercial production with a huge variety of locations ranging from brutalist buildings, sports stadiums and grand Georgian landmarks to traditional family homes, high rise flats and modern architect builds.

INSIGHT TWO: Northern culture capital

A little indie band called The Beatles originated here, as well as a small sports team known as Liverpool FC...

With the largest collection of museums and galleries anywhere outside of London, and an absolutely iconic music and sport history, Liverpool boasts a wealth of cultural heritage.

INSIGHT THREE: A Stone's Throw Away

1-hour from Manchester

Where one of our English production teams is based with a vast network of experienced crew and suppliers.

2-hours from Sheffield

An industrial city nestled in beautiful Yorkshire.

3-hours from Newcastle

A diverse and vibrant city on the river.

4-hours from London

Where another of our English production teams is based, Liverpool is a more affordable alternative in terms of unit bases, location fees, equipment hire and accommodation.

...and within 1-hour’s drive from the city centre, there are beaches, wildlife reserves, botanic gardens, historic villages, rich forests and a large international airport with links to all major European cities.

INSIGHT FOUR: Casting goldmine

Liverpool's status as a port city has attracted a hugely diverse population, making it a brilliant melting pot of cultures, ideal for casting. For our recent job for Lucozade, we used our social media networks, relationships with agencies and good old fashion street casting to source over 150 extras in and around Liverpool.

INSIGHT FIVE: Dripping with faded grandeur

With an abundance of historic and industrial architecture, Liverpool also has dozens of Grade I & Grade II listed Victorian buildings described by English Heritage as some of the finest in England, many of which lay in disrepair.

For Lucozade - ‘Spark Something’ (above), we were able to bring director Nick Gordon’s vision to life with a derelict, abandoned Victorian swimming baths, and for a music video we worked on last year with James Arthur and Anne-Marie, ‘Rewrite the Stars’, we sourced an opulent Victorian theatre with plenty of wear and tear.