Location Favourites | Manchester Bar | LS Productions

In a bid to be able to shoot anywhere in the world with any client, brief and budget; we're always expanding our Locations Library at LS Productions. World service-production domination is clearly where it's at.

What began as a database of local Scottish landscapes and architecture has grown into an invaluable resource of 100,000 professionally shot photographs, shoot-friendly and immensely varied UK-wide and American locations and fantastic campaign inspiration - and it is still growing.

This bar is not only our Location of the Week but also the first of our new venues in Manchester, recced in recent weeks.

Stay tuned for more LS Productions locations in Manchester, as well as ones in Newcastle, York, London and beyond! In the meantime please click here to visit the Locations part of the website.

As ever with our locations, if you have a brief that perfectly suits this location then please get in touch with the team.

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