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Our Location of the Week is Glen House, a magical Scottish estate tucked away in the Scottish borders. Built in the nineteenth century, the estate remains virtually untouched.

It’s a gem of Scottish baronial architecture. 

Over the years, Glen House has welcomed every kind of shoot and brief offered by LS Productions, whether it’s a fashion campaign, highbrow editorial or a music video. Past visiting clients include New Look, Crew Clothing, JD Williams, Nu Projects and musician Birdy.

This open-minded and film-friendly attitude makes owners Bill and Tessa an absolute pleasure to work with – and Glen House one of our favourite locations.

“The caliber of clients LS Productions brings here is always first-class.”

Bill Staempfli

We’ve shot in numerous areas of the estate including the main house, boathouse, cottages on the estate and various aspects outdoors. The elegant but relaxed interior decoration avoids any ‘museum like’ feel that many public country estates can fall prey to. Within an hours travel time from Edinburgh, combined with its proximity to local amenities in Peebles and Innerleithen, Glen House has that sought after combination of accessibility and remoteness that many of our clients are after.

In July we brought British singers and songwriters Birdy and Rhodes to Glen House to film the video for their collaborative single “Let It All Go”. We loved the way Glen House and its estate was showcased in this film, with Partizan director Sing J. Lee transforming the landscape and gardens into a surreal world of red, purple and blue. The northern lights make a surprise appearance; it’s Glen House through the Looking Glass.

Year on year we are witnessing Scotland evolving into an increasingly popular destination for film and photographic shoots. The advent of TV dramas like Outlander and films currently being shot, such as King Arthur, only help promote the stunning backdrop that is Scotland. Our country is booming.

But we here at LS Productions don’t just rely on the Hollywood productions to do the talking, as the high-end commercials, music videos and stills shoots we produce in Scotland speak for themselves.

We now have a dedicated Locations Department focusing on the development of what is already considered as Scotland’s best Location’s Database. We’re working on getting more and more brilliant locations in England and Wales. We’re not only focusing on unearthing the UK’s amazing, as yet undiscovered, locations but also reviewing our current locations and how we can improve the service we offer both Owner and Client.

This is why it’s so important to us that we take on some of our favourite locations in a more official, all-inclusive capacity. We’re delighted to announce that Glen House is the first of these -- the first LS Productions exclusive location.

But, what does it mean to be one of our exclusive locations?

As a Service Production Company with a Location Database we not only have experience of working with Locations but we know how to manage a shoot on location. This sets us apart from Location Agencies as we have a working knowledge of our Exclusive Locations, and will be the people on the ground making sure every aspect of the shoot runs smoothly on the day. For the first time we will also be promoting Glen House for Film and TV Dramas and will work closely with Location Managers to facilitate shoots of this nature. Glen House is suited perfectly for shoots, from an intimate editorial to a large period drama and we're looking forward to working on them all!

Each of our exclusives will receive a bespoke service; starting with a great love for their property, a targeted marketing strategy and fantastic service production, and culminating in the wrapping of the project right down to the final invoice. Every aspect is accomplished.

We are able to provide clients with expert knowledge of the estate and its grounds (in-fact, we know Glen House almost as well as Bill and Tessa…).

For any and each appropriate brief or client, the property will always be at the front of our minds; we love to showcase the best of what Scotland has to offer.

As our first exclusive location, the owners of the estate, Tessa Tennant and Bill Staemplfi, are at the centre of our focus. Making sure they are comfortable and at ease with a sizeable production team and clients working in and around their home is essential. Being exclusive is being part of the LS Productions family.

“It can be daunting to have film and photo crews descend on one's home for intense creative sessions. With LS Productions looking after our interests, we never have to worry.”

Bill Staempfli

So, there we have it. The first LS Productions exclusive location – and it’s a corker.

If you’ve fallen for Glen House as a shoot location then please send an enquiry to the LS Productions team, or give us a call at 0131 561 0120.

Want to see more of our fantastic locations? All you have to do is visit the locations part of our website, right here.

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