Location Favourites | Edinburgh Restaurant | LS Productions

Our Location of the Week is an iconic Edinburgh restaurant, known well to locals and visitors alike for its fantastic menu, cosy interior and well thought out design.

As the weather changes and we wave goodbye to summer, all we want to do (besides fantastic service production, of course) is sit by a crackling fire with a cocktail in one hand and a plate of local, organic fare in the other. We kid (sort of), but this Location of the Week really ticks all of these boxes.

It’s beautiful. It’s minimal. It has different spaces, each with a slightly altering aesthetic. It has open fires, warm lamps, and a central location that makes it easy for both visiting and adding into a packed Edinburgh shooting schedule.

It’s unlike many other buildings in the city, and we love it for that.

Like the look of this location for a shoot? You can enquire through our website or get in touch with the team directly at hello@lsproductions.com.

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