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Our Location of the Week is a castle situated in a county in the North of England, and is new to the LS Productions books.

Only added to the database last week, this gorgeous spot has nearly as much colour and texture as it does history within its walls. The shades of blue, red, light green and cream, its peeling paint and faded wallpaper, thick stone walls, stripped wooden floors and rustic furnishings create an atmosphere of a building much loved, used but almost held in time and untouched by modern life.

It’s both fashionably shabby chic and positively medieval; quite literally, it was built in the Late Middle Ages and has been fortified, extended and renovated over time. It is now a Grade I listed building.

The estate has acreage and there is an abandoned farm next door, with old farm buildings, abandoned machinery and an overgrown aesthetic. Nature has started to encroach on its site, with trees and foliage growing through the walls and filling the space.

We consider this location as perfect for a high-end fashion campaign, the interior only highlighting the mood of strong colour and texture in this year’s Spring Summer 2016 collections.

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