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Our Locations Manager Amy has been on a recce to Manchester over the past few days finding and adding some great new spots to our location library.

This sleek area of Manchester is a prime example of just that.

It is both steeped in history and rich with modern architectural investment; the classic redbrick sandstone is iconic with hints of it appearing all over the city. Vibrant greenery creates a very clean, fresh feel in this bustling spot, but this is balanced out by the nature of the glass buildings.

The history of Manchester also contrasts beautifully with the new millennium architecture that can be seen here; the industrial revolution boom on which this city was built still holds its place of importance in the city’s culture thanks to the buildings of that time.

The brighter modern spaces that incorporate a lot of glass juxtapose perfectly with the differing Venetian Gothic and Edwardian Baroque styles, creating a completely new aesthetic. The city’s reputation for its non-conformity is plain to see. Uniqueness – in every sense of the word - is key to what Manchester has to offer.

We just cannot get enough.

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