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For our Location of the Week we're taking it back to basics and this incredible, medieval Scottish castle.

The ruined castle's spot on a stretch of rocky headland on Scotland's North-East coastline has made it in an invaluable fortress since the time of its build. It looks out over the North Sea; the high vantage point, steep cliff walls and position jutting out from the mainland giving it an inimitable, eerie feel only compounded when the sea mist rolls in.

It is believed that although the remaining buildings are of the 15th and 16th centuries, the time of its origin dates back to the Early Middle Ages.

In the past 100 years serious efforts have been made to restore the castle, embarking on a series of ambitious restoration projects and through making it open to the public. It has since become a very popular destination with tourists and film makers alike.

Now considered one of Scotland's most iconic and historic locations, it has been used as a backdrop for several feature films and TV shows over the years. It certainly makes the perfect setting for any brand campaign, editorial or TV commercial.

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