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Our Location of the Week is this neo-Palladian country estate in Cheshire, England.

Our Locations team are quite taken by its versatility and elegance. The estate’s Italian roots take an English twist with expansive greens, brick courtyards, and glasshouses. The numerous aesthetics provide limitless potential here.

The main building was only finished in 1986, yet, the building’s exterior appears as if from a bygone era. That is by design, quite literally. The house is modelled on a Renaissance villa in Northern Italy.

Constructed of a honey-coloured French limestone, the building’s facade is complete with Ionic columns and enormous Venetian windows. Atop the prominent octagonal dome is a gilded ball and weather vane.

The interior’s lavish features include a disorientingly beautiful staircase climb, as well as striking chandeliers and ornate door frames.

Even for such an expansive location, the abundance of colours and textures it manages to achieve is quite a feat. Other areas on the estate boast backdrops of red brick arches, lakes, - complete with feathered residents - twelve-acre gardens, and apple orchards.

Venetian poles add character to the two-hundred year old Walled Garden.

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If you are inspired by this one, and the variety of scenes it offers, please get in touch with us.

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