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LS Productions brings the Bachelor to Malta

LS Productions brings the Bachelor to Malta
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This February saw ABC reality TV institution, the Bachelor, wash up on the picture perfect shores of the Mediterranean island of Malta, courtesy of UK based production service company, LS Productions.

Now in its 28th season, episode 4 of the series was shot exclusively on the island, with this year's Bachelor, Joey Graziade, continuing his quest for love amongst an endless array of stunning Maltese backdrops. With all locations and production services delivered courtesy of LS and utilising the internationally renowned crew base on the island, the episode really highlights the quality of production service that Malta has to offer.

With LS Productions announcing they would be setting up a permanent warm water base on Malta in 2022, they have since completed a number of diverse production projects on the island: including music videos, high profile commercial and fashion shoots and now, with this episode of the Bachelor, the first in a number of high profile reality TV projects to be produced by LS on the island. This is also the third time LS has collaborated with the Bachelor team after shoots in London and Scotland.

What this episode of the Bachelor perfectly demonstrates is the end result of the comprehensive package of benefits that producing reality TV on Malta provides. With nearly 6,000 years of history, Malta has a very distinct look, mixing the high end luxury of the capital city Valletta - with its endless marinas and world class accommodation, to the exquisite coastal backdrops, seascapes and beautiful vistas to be found all over the 27 mile long island. The end result is a charming, big production look that looks completely unique on the screen.

Furthermore with a rich tradition of filmmaking, LS Productions were also able to connect the production with the highly versatile and professional local crew base on the island, enabling filming to be as seamless as possible. With the shows format not scripted the team were able to flex with the pace of production but deliver the big budget production look reality shows, such as the Bachelor are known for.

As LS Executive Producer, Angus Fletcher, says:

‘‘As a company we see Malta as a key part of our future and we love being here. It’s the flexibility and ability to deal with all aspects of production, whether that be from a rebate perspective, discussions with the authorities, to how crew work and how they can deal with changing requirements on a show like the Bachelor."

Another benefit showcased in this episode is the island's capabilities when it comes to shooting at sea. From production boats, drones filming yachts and boat to boat transfers, the team were able to make the most of this expertise to really capture another unique element of shooting on Malta.

Throw into the mix, exceptional on set catering, an accommodation portfolio that delivers across a range of budgets for talent and crew, a vibrant cultural scene, attractive rebate package of up to 40% and endless year round sunshine then there is very little that the island doesn’t offer.

Episode 4, Season 28 of the Bachelor available on UK Networks soon.


STUDIO: Warner Bros Discovery
CLIENT: NZK Productions, Inc.
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Bennett Graebner, Claire Freeland, Jason Ehrlich, Tim Warner, Peter Gust, Jodi Baskerville, Jeff Thomas
CO-EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Sarah Jane Fuchs, David Albrecht, Todd Snyder, Caitlin Stapleton, Deborah Read, Nikki Lazaran
LINE PRODUCER: Christopher Jermal
SUPERVISING PRODUCER: Colin O'Flaherty, Brian Farquharson, Lauren Francis
PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR: Brian Keaton, Jason Bright
SENIOR PRODUCER: Shima Azarafza, Homa Kohan
PRODUCER: Sterling Cates, Reina Hill
SEGMENT PRODUCER: Raynee Divjak, Madison Zymkowitz, Bailey McCue
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER (LS): Angus Fletcher, Andre Loggenberg
LOCATION MANAGER: Sam Wagster, George Galea, Chris Bonello

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