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LS Productions are ESGmark® certified.

LS Productions are ESGmark® certified.
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LS Productions have been awarded ESGmark® certification after undergoing a rigorous process of analysis to assess the organisation’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) credentials.

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This award is an important recognition of LS’s objective to build a fairer, kinder and more sustainable production industry both at home in the UK and internationally.

Speaking about the award Kayla Ellis, Community Development Associate, ESGmark® says:

“LS Productions have demonstrated their commitment to socially and environmentally responsible business practices, such as through sustainability strategies, fair employment initiatives, and community engagement. With their dedication to ongoing action and improvement for people and planet, we are excited to welcome LS Productions to the ESGmark® community!”

The ESGmark® represents a community for people and organisations who care about the planet and society and is also a symbol of trust and distinction which allows consumers to identify organisations who believe in and act to deliver a fairer, more sustainable future. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) objectives also help organisations contribute to the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, by working to improve the lives of global citizens and safeguarding our planet. ESGmark® helps simplify these complex and important issues, and supports businesses along their ESG journey. Belonging to the ESGmark® community shows that a company cares about making a positive change to the planet and society.

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LS Productions who are known within the industry for their people first attitude are committed to social and sustainable development across all areas of the business. This includes delivering on-set production to the very highest of sustainability standards - following AdGreen best practice to reduce carbon emissions and waste on set, a blanket ban on single-use items, a focus on using local crew, a strict green travel policy and a commitment to only working with sustainable and British B-Corp suppliers. LS have also built a strong value-led employee benefit and wellbeing package over the years - centred around hybrid working, best in class mental health support, a tangible benefits package and programme of talent and training academies for staff.

CEO Marie Owen says:

“Delivering production services that are rooted in kindness, care and consideration for people and the planet are at the very core of everything we do. Joining the ESGmark® community enables us to continue to learn and evolve amongst a like-minded community of businesses that share our focus and our values.”

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