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LS Productions leaps onto FEBE’s Growth 100 Watch List

LS Productions leaps onto FEBE’s Growth 100 Watch List
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LS Productions has made the inaugural Growth 100 Watch List, recognising and ranking the UK’s fastest growing private businesses with founders still actively involved.

LS Productions have been on a journey, and since writing about the challenges of the pandemic for the creative industries in the UK, the team have held on tight as they skyrocketed into 2022.

The Growth 100 Watch List is run by FEBE in a bid to celebrate true entrepreneurship, champion some of the UK’s most impressive founders and inspire the next generation of business leaders amidst a backdrop of cliché corporate awards.

LS Productions’ CEO and Founder Marie Owen’s common sense approach of learning always, coupled with always being shit hot, has led the charge to making this list.

  • No studio space in the UK? Let’s acquire two of our own in Manchester.
  • How do we excel in new sectors, such as film & tv? We hire the people that know best.
  • Our culture is what makes us different, so how do we show that? Let our staff come up with the LS Productions values and mantras.

In the last year alone, the company has seen record growth in both headcount across their UK offices and the targets on their balance sheet - both of which have more than doubled since their 2021 figures.

In March, the company launched their original content arm, LS Films, headed up by BAFTA-winning MD/EP, Sarah Drummond and BIFA-winning Director, Paul Sng. LS Films has a jam-packed slate of documentaries and dramas in the works.

At the request of their clients, they started producing globally, including at Warner Bros. Studios in LA as well as in Boston, Tenerife, Beijing, and Istanbul.

The team have worked multiple times with the world’s biggest brands from Adidas and Burberry to Vogue and Bentley. LS Productions have looked after household names, including multiple projects for Harry Styles, Zendaya, Cristiano Ronaldo, Tilda Swinton, Marcus Rashford MBE, Jürgen Klopp and David Beckham.

The LS Productions unofficial motto is that they go ‘Beyond.’ Watch them closely, as they are going to keep pushing past what they have achieved this year. With massive ambitions they are only getting started.