LS Productions Office Opens in London | LS Productions

Marking the beginning of a couple of exciting weeks of changes for LS, we’d like to announce that we now have a company presence in London!

Our Creative & Business Development guru Meriel is settling into her new office, right in the heart of Soho, and will soon start promoting all things LS Productions in London. This is a natural next step for the company - as we expand into new markets and service produce all over the UK – and an exciting one.

Meriel will be in the Edinburgh office every 6 weeks (with team drinks pencilled well in advance!) and skyping into our morning meetings (we heart technology!), as well as holding regular meetings with our London clients. She’ll also continue to travel extensively for meetings in Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and New York – and further afield.

This London space will add to our existing New York partner’s office, established last year. Our HQ will continue to be in Edinburgh (Scotland is always going to be at the heart of LS!) but we’re looking forward to continue developing the company into different cities and far-flung parts of the world.

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