Manchester, we have arrived! | LS Productions

Last Friday, we got our best frocks out, put our ‘out of office’ on and caught the party train to Manchester for the launch of our brand new office, and to proudly introduce our new Senior Producer, Abi Atkinson.

Hosted by the amazing Fivefourstudios – home to our swanky new North of England headquarters, we partied long into the night…(and if we’re honest, well into the morning!)

If you were silly enough to miss it, or you just feel like reliving it all, here were some of our favourite bits…

Drag dance group, House of Decay stole the show. It’s a good thing the ceilings were high, because these ladies brought the levels of sass up to dangerously high. There was a lot of enjoyment and embarrassment to be had trying to master their moves.

Big shout out to the ‘Glitter Girls’ who made our faces, bodies and even our beards just dazzling. We weren’t going to get lost in the crowd, that’s for sure.

Thyme Out, you kept us going with your endless, oh-so-juicy slices of Pizza. Scottish-ified by the 6 KILOS of veggie haggis Wendy lugged down with her on the train.

The Principal Hotel, you let us throw one hell of an after party and gave us the best night’s sleep when we finally got there.

A big massive THANK YOU to Fivefourstudios for hosting such a great night and knowing how to party hard. We’re going to be a good match. Thank you to our CEO Marie, for treating us all to a night in Manchester. And finally, thank you to everyone who made the effort to come out and PARTY WITH US. We'll be back...

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