Outlaw King: The Scotland Effect | LS Productions

This week saw the official release of Outlaw King, a Netflix Original feature film which tells the story of how Robert The Bruce defeated the English army in Medieval Scotland.

Bringing Hollywood stars like Chris Pine, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Florence Pugh and Tony Curran to Scotland, and filming at dozens of locations across the country, this new blockbuster marks a huge contribution to the bumper year for the Scottish film industry that was 2018.

From Braveheart to Trainspotting, Outlander to Shetland, there are countless high-profile films and TV series made in Scotland. It’s an undeniably big time for the industry, with historical classic Outlaw King and Mary Queen of Scots coming out in cinemas across the world - and let's not forget Fast and Furious in Glasgow and Avengers: Infinity War in Edinburgh too. The production world has already seen enquiries pouring in for shoots inspired by these new blockbusters, and Scotland is in an exciting position as this trend only grows.

So why are these huge productions coming to Scotland? The country is not only known for its undoubtedly dramatic locations, but also its vast seasonal and regional variety that can work for any director’s aesthetic. Scotland also cleverly provides as an uncanny double for Scandi landscapes and even some major European cities.

The locations we’ve showcased in this post all feature in Outlaw King; they are images from LS Productions location scouts that sit in our 6000+ strong library of shoot-friendly spots. Want to find out more about our database? Get in touch.

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