We're rolling out our initial installment of 'Put Faces to Names' by featuring the insanely talented LS Senior Producer, Ellen De Faux - delving into what shines through everything that she does and why she loves shining a spotlight on the innovations of others. 

Ellen has been working in the production world since the ripe old age of 18. With a start in the music industry, she was in-house with Scotland's largest promoter, working on T in the Park, Connect Music Festival, and thousands of gigs across the country. She flexed her production skills at the Coachella music festival, did a stint in Australia, and entered the film and tv world in 2013. No stranger to change, Ellen has led her life on the move. Born in Jamaica, Ellen spent a pre-Uni spell in Malawi, and worked for years in both Melbourne and Glasgow, before she wound up at the LS doorstep in Scotland’s capital of Edinburgh.

“I love producing work that showcases peoples’ talents and creativity.”

When leading productions at LS, Ellen’s experience in the industry radiates throughout everything she accomplishes. She looks after many of the big projects rolling across the Production Department's desk, as well as represents the company at key industry events - most recently, at one where Michelle Obama wowed the crowd! Her first shoot with the company was a challenge she tackled seemingly with ease – a large series of idents for Mazda’s new models - on a road as gorgeous as it is well-travelled (and with very limited time).

Ellen’s motto is, “I like to say yes.” With a track record like hers, a yes from Ellen when prepping for a shoot is worth its weight in gold. She will make the strange, the uncommon - even the seemingly impossible - happen. She doesn’t say ‘yes’ lightly, however. The safety and care of all on set is of utmost importance to her – a necessity for a productive shoot no matter what the creative, or the locations and logistics involved.

If you’re into the Scottish music scene, you may find yourself brushing elbows with Ellen at a gig, as music and friends are her top priorities - that, and making dynamite productions. A superwoman in her very limited spare time, she recently made a high-profile directorial debut: the music video for the lead single off Scottish alt-rock band Fatherson’s third album - working alongside some friends of LS, both the post team at Eyebolls and DOP Carlo D’Alessandro! 

“Whether the vision of a creative, the future voice of a brand, the debut of a festival, a band stepping out to their first headline festival show, or the combined effort and energies of a whole production,” facilitating creativity in all its forms is where Ellen likes to focus her efforts. 

Very much a people person, she is in the business of making the impossible happen - always whilst having fun.

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