Richard Schultz Roadtrip Around Scotland | LS Productions

American photographer Richard Schultz has been in Scotland for the past few weeks, touring the country and photographing its locals.

From capturing those in the Scottish textile industry, creative minds, island farmers, game hunters, the local wildlife (highland cows aplenty!), famous chefs, Scottish estates, sweeping landscapes, tiny port villages, working distilleries and culminating in a photo-shoot at our exclusive location Glen House; the team have seen it all.

They've spent time on Skye and in Glencoe, Fort William, Craigellachie, Fife, pounded the streets of Edinburgh and driven up, down and around the coastline.

In fact – they’ve driven the same number of miles in the past few weeks as it would take to drive from Edinburgh, across Europe and into Turkey!

Take a look at a few of the highlights…


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