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For this global 02 TV commercial for the new iPhone 6, we took the teams from Cobblestone, Apple, VCCP and director Nico Beyer to one of Scotland’s most famous isles, the Isle of Skye. Happily, the sun shone for the duration of the shoot and the sheep we’d trained to jump did their jobs to a T.

With UK-wide casting taking place in London, Manchester and Glasgow, the LS team covered all bases. We had 60 people out on set, numerous excitable sheep, three cameras, a helicam and several remote location changes. However that’s all in a day’s work for the LS team; the director, Production Company and client were all delighted with the shoot and the excellent national crew we provided.

“Best service production I’ve ever had.”

Michael Opitz

VCCP Berlin

We organised





Sheep casting



Equipment hire


Director: Nico Beyer

The Team

Sarah Drummond

Executive Producer

Jennifer Barrie

Production Co-ordinator

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