Peugeot 308 Parfum

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We service produced this two-day shoot in several dramatic Scottish locations in the Glencoe area. A very technical shoot, it meant pulling out all the toys: a helicopter with Shot Over camera system, a low-loader and a Russian Arm Camera vehicle.

Two cars side by side, with one travelling on the wrong side of the road? No problem. Our strong relationship with local councils and the emergency services meant that we could close roads and camouflage road signs, affording us access to exclusive arrangements, a strict safety policy and specialist help.

“Amazing footage! Client is really happy with this shoot.”


Standard Film Agency | Producer

We organised







DirectorRob Chiu

DOP: Matias Boucard

Driver: Lucas Galera

Production: Standard Films

Service Production and Locations: LS Productions

The Team

Wendy Isaac

Senior Producer

Amy Morement


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