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In this new advert from Swedish giant Volvo, the brand proves that nothing works better to illustrate its new car - the V90 Cross Country - and that Scandi vibe than the car on Scottish roads, beautiful scenic shots and heightened, atmospheric weather.

Here – find the logistics of the shoot, which we produced in Scotland in May of this year. 

The campaign opens on a couple standing on the edge of a cliff face. You hear the wind whistling and the waves crashing – it’s a thoroughly atmospheric scene. Cut to the couple climbing into the car, happy and windswept. The car (nay, the Volvo V90 Cross Country) provides warm, comfortable shelter; refuge from the weather. This sets the tone for the rest of the commercial – scenes of the couple exploring Scotland, its rainy moors, Highland hills and forests, whilst testing all of the different road trip friendly features of the new and reimagined V90.

What about the beautiful locations? Our brief from the client – Redwood and director Martin Swift (who, funnily enough, had found us through the location imagery we post to Instagram!) – was to find a Scandinavian look; to really magnify the incredible beauty of Scotland and its scenery.

Our locations team put forward a selection of awe-inspiring spots, with 15 locations being picked in Skye and Glen Etive for the final shoot.

"Working with LS Productions was an absolute joy! A great service company with fantastic knowledge, great resources and an amazing team."

Alex Fielding

Producer, Redwood

So, how did we pull it off? We had a four day directors recce, four days of tech and then a six day shoot. As with any big car shoot, we deployed our fantastic relationships with the local authorities to help close roads and liaise police forces at each location. They operated all stop and holds to ensure that the shoot stuck to the tight schedule needed. We were in charge of a 47-strong crew as well as coordinating a total of 19 vehicles – not including the top secret V90.

"LS Productions completely embraced the creative vision, professionally integrated with our international crew, ensuring we all became one big happy Scottish family."

Martin Swift


We Organised


Locations and Management


Travel and Accommodation



Russian Arm

Logistics and Scheduling

Director's Scout and Tech Recce


Creative agency: Redwood

Senior Creative Team: Ian Dickson and Jamie Marsden

Account Director: Virginie Bourhis 

Production Company: LS Productions

Director: Martin Swift

DoP: Carl Rasmussen

Producer: Alex Fielding

Editor: Nick McCarthy

Photographer: Sam Christmas

Drone Filming: LA Media

The Team

Sarah Drummond

Executive Producer

Jennifer Barrie

Production Co-ordinator

Amy Morement


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