Global Partnerships

We are building a strong network of exceptional service production companies, based all over the world. We're here to help you find the best options for your shoot, be it on our home turf throughout the UK or abroad with our production friends.

Lucky Strike

Our production partners Lucky Strike are based in the heart of London, in Soho. Sharing the same ethos as LS Productions; providing great crews, spectacular locations, inspired casting, memorable client hospitality and everything else you need to feel comfortable shooting in London. This partnership will accomplish more successful and collaborative shoots all over the UK.  Lucky Strike clients include American Airlines, Mercedes, Pepsi, Gillette, Chevron, Adidas, Burger King and Nike.

Nørth Sea Air

Our New York partners Nørth Sea Air are an independent creative agency with full-service production and post-production capabilities. The team pride themselves on offering a wide range of creative content and brand consultancy services. Our collaborative approach encompasses the offering of inspiring Scottish locations to American based clients with Scottish heritage and design aesthetic. NSA clients include Chivas, Mercedes, Audi, Aberlour, The New York Times and Uniqlo.

"Clients can expect comprehensive and targeted location reference from pitch through to production."

Phil Haselden

Producer and Senior Location Supervisor, Lucky Strike


Our partners Habitant Productions offer bespoke full production services in Mexico, The Caribbean and South America. The advantage for our shared client base (Anthropologie, Macy’s and Nike) is that our summer is their winter, and vice versa. Our contrasting aesthetics and various epic backdrops mean you can shoot your Autumn/Winter campaign in Scotland with us, before flying to Mexico for a sunny swimwear campaign. It’s the perfect partnership, really.

La Casa

Chilean owned and operated company since 2008, La Casa Films specialise in film and photo production service in Chile and Peru. This partnership is a car commercial road dream come true. Through our partnership La Casa Films roster of international car clients like Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Peugeot, Jaguar, Renault and Land Rover can benefit from the best car shoot locations all over the UK and Chile.

"LS have an exceptional reputation for creative collaboration and for going the extra mile to make a real difference on every project."

Jane White

Owner & Founder, JW Collective

JW Collective

JW Collective was formed by Jane White in 2016 to foster unique and innovative production partnerships within the creative marketing industry.  In early 2018 LS Productions were delighted to enter the JW Collective fold, with Jane working as an ambassador for LS growing our network and our reputation for creative collaboration worldwide.


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