An Extraordinary Bunch

We number twenty six people across four offices and two continents, with producers, production co-ordinators, accommodation specialists, location managers, marketing gurus and business development whizz kids. There’s masses of talent here with years of experience to call upon. And we’ve got even more enthusiasm.




"Our team is a family and we work incredibly hard to deliver every aspect."

Marie Owen, CEO

LS Productions

"A great service company with fantastic knowledge, great resources and an amazing team."

Alex Fielding, Producer


The Team

Stuart Gibson

Company Director

Sarah Drummond

Executive Producer / Managing Director

Wendy Isaac

Director of Happiness

Gail Skinner

Financial Director

Jo Coombes

Head of Production

Abi Atkinson

Senior Producer

Ellen De Faux

Senior Producer

Deva Smith

Senior Producer

Aillie MacDonald


Julia Macleod


Jennifer Barrie

Production Manager

Marii Stoltsen

Production Manager

Callum Crozier

Production Manager

Allan Macleod

Production Assistant

Paul Rooney

Production Assistant

Chris Gainsbury

Production Assistant

Amy Morement

Location Manager

Pippa Perriam

Location Assistant

Meriel Bunney-Gillies

Creative Development

Katy Ludvigsen

Head of Brand & Communications Asia

Brianna Burt

Marketing & Digital Media Coordinator

Ruth MacGilp

Brand Storyteller

Laura Macpherson

Office Manager

Jennie Lawson

Financial Assistant

David Watson

IT Manager

Alongside our in-house team we have a core UK-wide freelance production network. We work with these Producers and PA's throughout the year, and as corny as it sounds they're family to us!

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