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UK Locations for Photo and Film Production

LS Productions started with one simple goal; show clients from all over the world how brilliant and beautiful the UK can be as a backdrop for the biggest and brightest campaigns. Whatever your brief, be it a lavish and grand stately home, a derelict and disused Victorian picture house, a quaint coastal fishing village or a bustling city street, our dedicated locations team can secure it for you to bring your next shoot to life.

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Location Management

Once you send us your brief, we will create a completely bespoke location package for you, and we can manage your chosen locations from the pitching stage all the way through to wrapping the shoot. We have unrivalled connections with location owners all over the UK, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you are getting the most all-inclusive and cost-effective solution.

Logistics of your shoot

We can arrange anything and everything you need for a seamless shoot experience. Scouts and recces. Negotiating fees and hire agreements. Completing risk assessments, movement orders and overseeing prep. You name it, we’ll enable it.

“LS will find you every super Scotch nook and cranny, butt n' ben and cliff face your camera could wish for.”

Tilda Swinton


Our locations department are always ahead of the game, analysing trends in interior design, advertising, media, pop culture and more to predict what our clients are looking for in a location. Need a snowy Christmas ad in the middle of July? How about a local, affordable double for Scandinavia or America? We either have it in our location library, or we will find it just for you.


We are always on the look out for new properties. We’re interested in everything from retro laundrettes and cafés to grand estates or everyday family homes. We pride ourselves on our relationship with location owners, and our low impact shoots. Get in touch to see your property featured in photoshoots, commercials or music videos.

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Interested in working with us? Pick up the phone or drop us an email and send us your brief - we’d love to hear from you.

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